My Insurance Won’t Pay For a Wig

Before I began my first chemo treatment, I met with the nurse practitioner in the oncology department. She went over a comprehensive list of the side effects that I might experience. One of them was losing my hair. This was the side effect that I dreaded the most. She suggested I get a wig before my hair fell out so the salesperson could choose one that would best match my own hair. That made sense.

On a Saturday morning my daughter accompanied me to the wig store that the nurse practitioner recommended. I didn’t know I needed an appointment and since I didn’t have one they were not able to assist me that day. However, the sales associate told me to call my insurance company to find out how much they would pay for a wig. That was something I never even thought about. I called my insurance company and was informed that they would not pay any amount for a wig. I guess it’s one of those things that they consider cosmetic and not a necessity. Well, to me it was a necessity.

After receiving that disappointing news, I reached out to a social worker at the hospital. She said I had two options. I could contact the American Cancer Society for a free wig. Or, I could fill out financial worksheets and apply for a grant. What? Here I am at the beginning of my journey into hell and now I have to compile all of my household financil information just to get a wig.

Needless to say, I scratched option number 2. It seemed like a lot of work for a wig. I decided to contact the American Cancer Society instead.