Iron, Hats and Wigs

My chemotherapy treatments were every other week. So on my first off week I had to go to the cancer treatment room for an iron treatment. My hemoglobin number was down and had been since before my cancer surgery. The hematology and oncology departments were all in the same building. I had been coming for iron treatments for years. I got to know all of the nurses. These were the same nurses who would also be giving me my chemo treatments. The nurses, technicians, secretaries, doctors and receptionists were all very kind and compassionate. I always felt comfortable and well taken care of whenever I was there.

When Lauren, one of the technicians got engaged, I like everyone else took time to congratulate her and admire her engagement ring. One Halloween, when I happened to be there for an iron treatment, the whole staff was dressed in costumes. I felt like I was part of a family.

This particular day in mid June I flipped through magazines as I sat in the chair receiving my iron intravenously. A volunteer came along pushing a cart that contained scarves and hats. Those of us on chemo could pick something for free. I chose a hat made out of a recycled tee shirt. That was kind of fun. I didn’t need it yet but I knew I would be.

After my iron treatment I drove to the American Cancer Society office that was nearby. I had an appointment to go in and choose a wig for free. The woman helping me select a wig insisted I pick two. One with short hair and one with longer hair like my own. As I walked out with two wigs, I thought to myself, This is my lucky day! Be grateful for the little things.