Clumps of Hair Were Coming Out in My Hands

On June 21st, it was a Thursday, clumps of long strands of my hair were coming out in my hands and hairbrush. I wasn’t ready for this to be happening so soon. I’d only been through two rounds of chemo thus far. The top of my head felt like it had a bad sunburn and I hadn’s even been out in the sun. So on Saturday my daughter and I headed off to Macy’s to buy me a floppy sun hat. I wore it once. It felt too heavy and uncomfortable on my sore head.

By the end of June I was exhausted all the time. It’s really hard to describe how drained I felt. I had never been this tired in my whole life. I collapsed into my bed at night and delighted in the comfortable feel of my mattress underneath me. It was heavenly. I silently praised the person who invented the Sealy Posture Pedic. I felt as light as a feather laying on a cloud.

My hair continued to fall out until I finally decided to cut it all off. I was devastated over this. It sounds crazy but with no hair, I felt less like a woman. I had little patches of half inch hairs here and there. Psychologically, it made me feel better to have those little patches rather than shave my head completely like other women have done. My husband, daughter and son gave me words of encouragement along the way. It was good to hear but it didn’t help how horrible I was feeling.