Angelina Jolie Lips-I Wasn’t Complaining

The following Monday, June 18, 2012 I was back in the chair for my second round of chemo treatments. I recovered quite nicely after having a week off from treatments. Maybe this won’t be so bad after all I naively told myself. I was only in the chair four hours this time. Once again the nurse gave me Benadryl through my portecatheter to head off another round of swollen lips.

The day after I was tired and slept most of the day. Just like last time my fingers tingled when I reached into the fridge or freezer and I was sooo tired!. There is no tired like chemo tired. I could have fallen asleep standing up.

Sure enough on Wednesday I woke up with sore, swollen lips again. When I arrived to have the pump removed, my nurse noticed my Angelina Jolie lips. Now she wantedmy oncologist to take a look at me to see what she thought about my lips. My oncologist tracked me down in the treament room after my nurse called her. Without a doubt she knew my chemo meds were too strong for me. Swollen lips can lead to a swollen tongue and throat closing. The nurse said, “If that happens you”ll have real problems.” Wait… I’ve already got real problems!

My oncologist said that in two weeks when I’m back for another treatement, I will be receiving one less medication in my chemo cocktail than I was currently receiving. My nurse, Pat, sent me on my way but not before saying, “Adopt a couple of kids and you’ll be just like Angelina.” Everybody’s a comedian.