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Hi… I’m Susan and welcome to my blog!

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I’m blogging because I feel the need to share the crazy, distressing, depressing, laughable,  and sometimes triumphant roller coaster ride my life has been thus far.

Yup! I’m a survivor and proud of it!

I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the small intestine in March of 2006. More simply put – cancer. All because I had undiagnosed celiac disease (CD) but had been eating foods that contained gluten for most of my life.

After being diagnosed with CD as an adult in 1994, I was told I needed to read labels and avoid foods that contained gluten, but I didn’t adhere to a gluten-free diet.  I was so overwhelmed by my limitations that I saw my new diet as impractical and undoable. So… I went on my merry way eating what I shouldn’t have been eating. Getting cancer was an unexpected, powerful kick in the butt to get me on track. So why should you get an unexpected, powerful kick in the butt when I can simply tell you my harrowing story and save you all the pain and discomfort?

I am in no way handing out medical advice. I’m just recounting my experiences in this blog. I call them the three c’s – celiac, cancer and chemo. If you were to ask me which one is the worst I’d have to say all three are bad but if you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease and you deal with the gluten-free diet appropriately you may be able to avoid the other two.

Running in Sandals is me on my journey through life and how I survived stumbling over pebbles, stones and even some rocks along the way.

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    You have so much to share and I am grateful that you are putting yourself out there and sharing your knowledge and experience with the world.

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