Gluten-free Medications

For those of you following my recent blog posts, I’ve received some good news. The camera capsule passed through my small intestine. My GI doctor didn’t see any tumors in the camera footage she reviewed. I was real excited to hear this!

Since my recent endoscopy showed that my celiac disease is very active, my GI thinks I’m ingesting gluten. Everything that I cook and bake with is gluten free. We read labels very carefully in my house. As much as I tried to convince my GI that I’m totally gluten free, it may not be the case. Gluten may be sneaking in somehow, but I’m certainly not eating it on purpose. She suggested I see a nutritionist who specializes in celiac disease. I have a phone conference scheduled with this nutritionist in May. This gal is booked. She’s the only celiac nutritionist in the area so she’s quite popular.

In the meantime, I decided to look up all of the medications I take to see if they are gluten free. I originally asked my pharmacist about different meds and he has no idea either. I went to where I found a pretty comprehensive list.

However, when in doubt it’s always a good idea to contact the manufacturer of the drugs you are taking and hear it from them directly if their product is gluten free. Your pharmacy, as many do, obtain the drugs they sell from different manufacturers. This is where it becomes a nuisance. You’ll constantly be on the phone. For instance, you may be on a high blood pressure medication that you’ve been taking for years. But it may be supplied to your pharmacy by more than one manufacturer. One manufactuer may be gluten free and the others are not. It’s so discouraging. Let’s hope in the near future, all manufacturers will be forced to label their drugs gluten free to take the guess work out of it for all of us.

Until next time…