X-ray to Find the Camera Capsule

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to the hospital for my capsule endoscopy. I swallowed the capsule and then I was instructed to return 8 hours later to have the monitor removed.

Two days later I still hadn’t heard from my GI doctor regarding the results of this test. I called her office to inquire about it. The girl at the desk informed me that the doctor hadn’t received the results yet and would get back to me when she did.

I was upset and asked, “Don’t they know how anxious I am to hear if I have cancer or not?”

She meekly replied, “Yes, they do know. The doctor is very good about calling patients back as soon as she receives results.”

Late that same afternoon my GI doctor finally called. She said the camera capsule stopped. It was stuck for three hours. I guess it was the last three hours of its journey through my small intestine because at that point there weren’t any pictures being taken. However, after looking at all the camera footage prior to when the capsule got stuck, she didn’t see any signs of a tumor. She told me I needed to go for an X-ray of my abdomen to see if we can locate the capsule. So… a week later I went back to the hospital for yet another X-ray.

While laying on the table after the X-ray was taken, the technician asked me if I ever had any surgery. I said yes. Twice. Cancer surgery. He went on to ask me if there was any reason why I had a metal clip in my stomach. Huh? “No,” I answered. There shouldn’t be a metal clip in there. This is the first I’m hearing about it. My last surgery was almost four years ago.

“Oh,” he said. “Then maybe it’s the camera capsule we’re looking for.” Was this guy for real???

Holding back any sarcasm that was on the tip of my tongue I said, “Well that’s why I’m here,” and eased myself off the table to get dressed. Now it’s another waiting game until my GI gets the results.