Capsule Endoscopy of My Small Intestine

Today I had to report to the hospital to swallow the capsule with the camera in it. This is called a capsule endoscopy. It will take hundreds of pictures of my small intestine the whole way down. The reason I’m doing this is because my recent Cat scan indicated that there was a thickness in the wall of my small intestine.

Two weeks ago when my GI performed a regular endoscopy, her scope wasn’t long enough to reach the area in question.That’s why I swallowed the camera capsule this morning. They sent me home once I was hooked up to the portable monitor. I had to return to the hospital exactly eight hours from when I swallowed the pill so they could take the monitor off me. Hopefully tomorrow, my GI will take a look at all of the pictures and figure out what’s going on in my small intestine.

This is the belt that I had to wear over my shirt for eight hours. The white rectangular area you see is where the sensors were. This had to line up with my belly button. IMG_3098


I also had to wear a a monitor in a pouch that was connected to the belt.


I began a liquid diet last night and continued it until they took the monitor off this afternoon.IMG_3102


I made up several mason jars full of jello and I had a box of lemon Italian Ice. This is basically all I ate. They don’t want there to be any food in your intestine so the camera can get some good pictures. Now I wait to hear from my GI doctor. Needless to say I’m a little anxious tonight and will be until I know the results.

Like I said in an earlier post, I hope it’s just scar tissue. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something.