X-Ray Showed Dissolvable Capsule Passed Through Small Intestine With Flying Colors!

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, my GI told me she couldn’t see all the way through my small intestine during my endoscopy. So the next step was to swallow a dissolvable capsule to see if it would pass through my intestine without being blocked. This morning I had to go back to the hospital and have an X-ray of my small bowel to see if the pill passed through or not. After the technician was finished taking the X-rays I asked him if he saw the pill. He said he did but that he couldn’t tell me anything else. I had to wait for my GI to give me the results. Aaahhh… I don’t want to wait! On my drive home I kept thinking that it wasn’t good that he saw the pill. It must mean it’s stuck around the area where the wall of my small intestine is thicker than normal. I worked myself up into such an anxious state that I stopped at Target on the way and bought a bag of Easter M&Ms to binge on. I tend to binge when I’m anxious, depressed, angry, sad, even happy. Name the emotion and I’m bingeing.


When I realized I was feeling a little sick from eating the M&Ms, I put the remaining half of the bag away out of sight. I’m making up a gluten-free Easter basket for the center of my dining room table on Easter. I can use the rest of them for the basket. And what would a gluten-free Easter basket be without Annie’s gluten-free bunny-shaped cookies and Utz gluten-free cheese balls? Lets hope I don’t tear into these before Easter Sunday.


This afternoon I received a phone call from my GI. She called to give me the results of my X-rays this morning. The dissolvable pill passed all the way through. If there is a blockage it can’t be too big. This was good news. She advised me to call her office on Monday to set up an appointment to go in and swallow the camera capsule. Now we know it should have no problem passing all the way through my small intestine, taking hundreds of pictures along its way. I was happy when I hung up with her so I ran to the hall closet to retrieve the half-eaten bag of M&Ms. Don’t judge me. I didn’t finish the bag so I still have some to put in my Easter basket. Now I can try not to be so anxious over the weekend and move forward again on Monday.

As I’m sure you probably do too, I love to browse through women’s magazines and Pinterest to get ideas for holiday desserts. If you’d like to attempt making gluten-free cupcakes decorated for Easter, check out my recipe for vanilla cupcakes. Just because we eat gluten-free doesn’t mean our sweet treats can’t look as cute as cupcakes made with wheat flour.

Happy Easter!