The Nurse Offered Me Lorna Doone Cookies but I’m a Celiac!

So in yesterday’s post I told you that I was going for an endoscopy this morning to see if my GI can determine what the thickness in the wall of my small intestine is. This showed up in a recent Catscan.

My daughter drove me to the hospital for a 6 am check in. A nurse brought me back for the procedure. It was the normal routine: Remove clothes, put clothes in plastic bag, put on hospital gown with opening in the back. You know the drill. The nurses were wonderful. After completing that, my job was done. I lay on the gurney and was hooked up to an IV through which I would be receiving my anesthesia.  I kept thinking about the gluten-free breakfast my daughter was going to treat me to after I was done here. I nestled further into the pillow waiting to go to La La Land. Life is good. Did I mention I was also having a colonoscopy? I was due for one anyway so what the heck. My GI might as well check me at both ends.

When I awoke in the recovery room I was greeted by the same friendly nurses that prepared me for the procedure. One nurse asked me what kind of juice I wanted with my Lorna Doone cookies. I told her I have celiac disease and can’t have Lorna Doones. She quickly apologized and told me she had nothing else to offer me. This happens to me every time I’m in a hospital for this procedure. You would think with celiac disease becoming diagnosed more and more, someone in the Center for Digestive Health/Minor Procedures Department at these hospitals would think about offering gluten-free cookies. I think I will call the hospital tomorrow and suggest this to someone in authority.

Meanwhile, my GI came in to say the colonoscopy was fine. Unfortunately the endoscope wasn’t long enough to reach all the way through my small intestine so she wasn’t able to see the area of the thickening. But she did take some biopsies. She also saw ulcers on my esophagus. I’d never heard of this before but she gave me medication that hopefully will heal it up. Untreated acid reflux can cause irritation to the esophagus which could eventually lead to cancer.

She also said that my celiac disease is very active and I need to see a nutritionist that specializes in this autoimmune disease. By this time I was starving. It was 8:30 and I couldn’t wait to go to gluten-free breakfast  at a restaurant in town. Then my GI said I had to swallow a dissolvable capsule that would disintegrate as it passes through my intestines. If it passes through okay then next week I will come back and swallow the real capsule with the camera in it.  That will definitely show what the problem is in my small bowel. I knew this was the plan before today so I was fine with it all. Until she told me that after swallowing this pill I needed to stay on the liquid diet for eight more hours. WHAT?? OH NO?? “We are going for breakfast,” I moaned. “Well not today,” she said. 

Until next time…