I’m Having an Endoscopy to Determine if I Have Cancer in My Small Intestine Again!

Why is it when we’re told we can’t eat – all we want to do is eat? I’m on a liquid diet today in preparation for an endoscopy tomorrow. All I’m allowed to have is jello, ice pops, clear broth, water, Gatorade and soft drinks. A lot of sweets so I should be happy right? Actually, I get sick of sweets pretty quickly if that’s all I can eat. Now I’ve got to drink a 16 oz. cup of the bowel prep. I took a sip and it’s disgustingly sweet. Yuck! All I want now is to eat something salty. But I have to wait until tomorrow for that.

You’re probably wondering why I’m putting myself through this. After each cancer surgery I had to go for Cat scans every six months and then every year as a follow up. Back in December I went for a routine Cat scan.  When I saw my oncologist in January she informed me that the results of my scan showed a thickening in the wall of my small intestine. This is how my last two bouts of cancer started. “How could this be?” I asked. With all the chemo I had in 2012 how is cancer possible again? It could just be scar tissue my doctor said but we need to find out for sure.

She suggested doing a Pet scan. However, they are so expensive and I didn’t think it would show anything different than the Cat scan so I suggested an endoscopy instead. I just want my GI to get down in there with a camera scope and see up close what it is. I discussed it with my GI and if she can’t reach down far enough with the scope, then I will, once again, be swallowing a camera capsule.

To be honest with you, the feeling I have now is one of disappointment. I’ve been sticking to my gluten-free diet. We don’t cook or bake anything with gluten in our house. I was sure that my small intestine was healing and would no longer pose the threat of cancer. I admit that there is always a chance that some unknown gluten will sneak its way into my meal when dining out for instance. I’m very diligent about asking the waitress if what I’m ordering is gluten free. They always go back and ask the chef. Now I’m wondering if one or more of my medications might be the culprit. I have to contact the manufacturers to find out if any of them may contain gluten.

I’m hoping for the best tomorrow. Which would mean that its scar tissue. Wish me luck. I’ll definitely let you know how everything goes.

Until next time…