Don’t Jeopardize Your Health For The Sake Of Gluten

I just received my latest issue of Simply Gluten Free Magazine and read it cover to cover all in one sitting. Now I’m inspired to mix up a cocktail, cook a new meal and bake a dessert. It also inspires me to write on my blog.

Remember when I told you that I felt I got off easy after my first cancer surgery? Well I came out of my second surgery with flying colors too. However, this time they weren’t going to let me off so easy. Chemotherapy was in my future. The Friday before I was released from the hospital a port catheter was surgically placed inside my chest. I didn’t want chemo because of all the horror stories I’ve heard about it, and what I had witnessed firsthand. Unfortunately, I knew it was necessary this time.

On Monday morning, June 4, 2012 I began my first of twelve chemo treatments. I sat in the chair knowing that toxic chemicals were being pumped inside me. The nurse practitioner met with me the week before and told me the symptoms I might experience. It was scary not knowing how I would react to the intrusion into my body. I was in the chair for 5-1/2 hours. When the treatment was done, the nurse hooked up a portable pump to the tube inserted in my port catheter. She told me this gadget would continue pumping the meds into me until Wednesday at which point I would return to the hospital to have it removed.

The pump itself was in a fanny pack that I wore day and night. It was a little tricky sleeping with the fanny pack because I was so afraid I would accidently pull the tube out of my chest. I was given a supply of three anti-nausea medications. One weak, one mild and then the strong one. My wonderful nurse, Pat, instructed me on which one to take depending on how bad the nausea became. This process would occur every other week for the next twenty-four weeks. All of this was because I had ingested gluten before I was diagnosed at age 40. After being diagnosed I continued to eat gluten because I absolutely hated my gluten-free options.

But tonight, thanks to Simply Gluten Free Magazine, I’m going to make the roasted asparagus and eggs. While I’m at it I’m going to whip up one of the desserts they feature in this issue. No more eating gluten for me. Take my word for it. It’s not worth cheating on the gf diet and then having to deal with cancer and chemo down the road.

Until next time…