Celebrate Yourself Any Way You Want To

To celebrate coming through my cancer surgery with flying colors, I decided to celebrate my survival by treating myself with fresh flowers every week.

Why not? Right? After being sick for three years prior to my doctor discovering I had cancer, I felt I owed it to myself.

I did this for one year. Each week I’d bring home a new bouquet or arrangement. I didn’t purchase too many of them from a florist because that would have gotten expensive. I purchased most of them from my local supermarket. They were just as pretty. I’ve always loved, loved, loved receiving flowers from boyfriends, then my husband and then sometimes my kids. Although it’s rare, these days, that a florist’s truck pulls into my driveway and delivers flowers to my door. So for one year I enjoyed the beauty and fragrances of the flowers that I purchased.

What do you do to celebrate yourself? It doesn’t have to be flowers. Please let me know. I’d love to hear!

After my surgery, I developed gluten-free recipes for muffins, cookies, and brownies that I could enjoy. Anyone living with diagnosed celiac disease can never, ever cheat and eat gluten at the risk of getting cancer in the small intestine. I was determined to come up with some recipes that tasted so good you wouldn’t know they were gluten-free. And I did! I laid in bed one night thinking how nice it would be for me to share my delicious gluten-free baked goods with others. I started to dream big. I could open my own bakery! Wait. I don’t know if there would be enough gluten-free foot traffic coming into my bakery to sustain paying the rent on the building each month, let alone paying myself a salary. Hmm… think, think. I could bake some products and shop them around at local restaurants so they could offer customers some gluten-free options. I actually placed calls to a couple of local eateries and asked if they would like to sample some of my baked goods and maybe place standing weekly orders with me. But I was told the same thing at every place I called. They had their own in-house chefs who baked desserts and were not looking for someone from the outside to supply anything. I’ve never been one to give up on anything very easily so I considered some more options. Then it hit me. The internet. Sell my products online. I thought of a name for my business and went about setting it all up officially. I researched what  I needed to do and dit it. It was so exciting to know that I was going to turn my horrible bout with cancer into something positive. It took several months, but I finally had it up and running. Slowly, very slowly, orders started to trickle in. And I mean trickle. It was by word of mouth and some celiac support groups that I received these orders. I knew I had to advertise. So I looked into it and boy was it expensive to advertise.

One day it hit me. If you’re familiar with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, you know that she was on the tv show The View. She also has celiac disease. So… back when I started my baking business I came up with an absolutely brilliant idea. I would send Elisabeth samples of some of my gluten-free baked goods. I was sure she would receive them, eat them and then rave about them on The View. What great advertisement for my business! Right? I immediately got busy baking muffins and cookies to send to her. I wrote a letter to her introducing myself and my new business. I packaged them all nicely and mailed them to The View at ABC Studios. Then I watched and waited and when I couldn’t watch I had someone else watch for me each week-day morning for Elisabeth to plug my new gluten-free business on the show. I told friends and family about what I did. I even told my oncologist and she told me her sister always watched the show. We giggled like school girls and imagined how famous I would become when Elisabeth gave me accolades on the show.

Well, after several weeks, reality set in. I’m sure my nicely packaged products went through security at the studio. My muffins and cookies were probably dumped right in the trash without any mention of it to Elisabeth. Afterall, what kind of a psycho would send a celebrity something to eat. Oh well… my life had been exciting for a little while.

So go ahead. Think of a negative situation and turn it into a positive. Most importantly have fun doing it.

Until next time…