Bisquick Is Gluten Free!!!

So last Sunday I was hungry for a snack. A sweet snack. I opened the pantry door and rummaged around inside, searching for something to satisfy my craving. Then I spotted the box of Bisquick. They have a gluten-free version now in case you didn’t know. I could make biscuits. IMG_2818

But that wouldn’t satisfy the sweetness I was looking for. Strawberry shortcake would do the trick. But alas, no strawberries. When my daughter heard the disappointment in my voice, she suggested that I use a bag of frozen mixed berries that was taking up space in the freezer instead. Great idea! I baked the biscuits according to the recipe right on the back of the box. The recipe said it would make 10 biscuits. I decided to make them bigger and make only 9 biscuits. If I was going to make a sweet treat, I wanted more than a mouthful.


After 15 minutes they were done. I took them out of the oven and let them cool. Every time I bake something, I always want to taste it first before I serve it to anyone else. So…. when they cooled I tried one. Delicious! The wonderful aroma wafted down the hall which brought my daughter to the kitchen asking if she could try one. “Sure, go ahead,” I said. Noticing that I needed to start getting dinner prepared I decided we would have our mixed berry shortcake for dessert.

After dinner my daughter began to render down the frozen berries on the stovetop and added some sugar.


I set about whipping the cream.


Once finished, I sliced up some biscuits, put the fruit mixture on top, added some whipped cream and topped it off with more of the hot fruit mixture. It was heavenly!!! My husband came in search of his before I even called him.


I find myself doing this a lot lately. If I want a snack I end up baking something. I do more baking now than I’ve ever done. Have I mentioned that I’ve put on some poundage since I began my gluten-free baking adventure? Some people are under the impression that if you are eating gluten free you will lose weight. Well that hasn’t happened to me. I love to bake and I love to eat it. Remember I mentioned that I lost a lot of weight due to the fact that I couldn’t keep food down for a year. After my first cancer surgery, my surgeon’s advice to me was GO HOME AND GAIN SOME WEIGHT. Well I heeded his words and did gain some but perhaps a little too much. Now my doctors are telling me the opposite, suggesting that I lose at least 10 pounds. That’s going to be mighty hard to do unless I give up baking.

Unitl next time…